Rules & Regulations

Official Rules & Regulations

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The rules listed on this page are applicable to ALL Ooredoo Nation tournaments and tournaments organized by E2S GAMING and Dragon Zone as a strategic partner. These general rules apply across the gaming titles listed to all teams, players, managers, and spectators who register or attend the tournament.

These rules will override any specific clauses in the game rules, unless otherwise specified. For tournaments organized by E2S GAMING and Dragon Zone as a strategic partner, organizers will NOT be allowed to overrule or change any of these rules without Ooredoo Nations’ prior written approval.

Any rules specific to a tournament will be listed on the specific web page and will override any specific related rules mentioned here.



1.     For PC games, players may bring their own peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mousepad) with long enough cables and any necessary adapters.

2.    PS2 keyboards will not be supported.

3.    For mobile games, players are expected to bring their own phones and peripherals (headsets, battery packs, etc.).

4.   For console games, players must bring their own headphones. 

5.    Audio equipment will not be provided, and all players are required to bring their own headphones with long enough cables.

Team Names

6.    Team names will not be changed after registrations are closed and the draw is published.

7.    If a team name changes after the tournament is over, please inform us on [email protected], [email protected] or their ranking will not be retained.

Names – Team Names, Player Aliases

A team or player’s name, icon, profile picture or logo may not contain any of the following:

– profanities,

– obscene or vulgar language,

– racist, anti-Semitic, or inciting hatred

– gang affiliation,

– drugs,

– sexual material,

– offensive material,

– slander of Ooredoo Nation or any of its Strategic Partners or it’s administration, partners or sponsors.

Using alternative spelling, gibberish, or wrong spelling to avoid the requirements mentioned above is forbidden. Players or teams will not be allowed to take part.


Account Sharing

Account sharing in online tournaments across all games is prohibited. All participants need to have their own accounts for online tournaments. If found, this will lead to the disqualification of the team and the banning of the offending player/s in future tournaments as well.

 Banned Players and Publisher Bans

1.     Any player banned from E2S Gaming, Dragon Zone and Ooredoo Nation will not be allowed to take part in any tournaments organized by Ooredoo Nation, E2S Gaming or Dragon Zone, during the period of the ban.

2.    This extends to both online and offline tournaments.

3.    Any players who have standing bans from the game publisher (eg: VAC ban on Steam) will not be allowed to take part.

4.   All game publisher bans will be honored and translated into bans upon discovery. 

Multi-team participation

No player is allowed to be a part of multiple teams or gaming clans. If a participant is found to be multi-clanning or in multiple teams, the player will be banned for a minimum period of one year. In the case of teams, all teams the player was a part of will be disqualified.

Additional player details

Upon request by Ooredoo Nation Referees or administration, players will be required to send information including but not limited to full name, contact details (mobile phone, land phone, email address), date of birth, residential address and photo.

Player Accounts

1.     Players can only use the accounts they have registered with for the respective tournament.

2.    Playing under another player’s account or soliciting or inducing someone else to play under another player’s account, is prohibited.

3.    During online tournaments, players cannot change their account details submitted after they have played their first match. This clause may be overruled by game-specific rules.


1.     The rules for each game title are listed separately. Please check the registration page of a specific tournament for more details. 

Pre-Match Ready-up (Warm-up) Time (LAN tournaments)

1.     The pre-match ready up time will be a maximum of 10 minutes in which the participant is required to plug in his/her devices, install drivers (ask for permission first even if its drivers that are already sent to us) and set up configs if he/she is using any.

2.    At the end of 10 minutes, a match should start with whoever players that are in the match server or lobby. Any team with players missing after the end of 10 minutes will be considered as having forfeited the match. If enough players on both teams are not present, the first team to have a complete roster on the server will be awarded the match.

3.    Issues with headsets, drivers not functioning, etc will not be reasons to hold up the starting time of a game.

Removable USB Storage and Media Devices (LAN tournaments)

No USB storage devices should be plugged into any of the tournament PCs under any circumstance. Failure to comply might lead to penalties for the infringing team or player.


1.     In LAN tournaments, teams and players must arrive at the venue at least ONE hour before their match.

2.    In online tournaments, teams and players must be online (on TeamSpeak, in the game server, etc) at least THIRTY minutes prior to the start of their match.

Tournament Formats and Match Sets

1.     Tournament formats – double-elimination or knockout, will be announced on the Ooredoo Arena on Ooredoo Nation

2.    The number of match sets played during a tournament (best of 3 or 5 games) will primarily depend on the game title.

3.    However, in double elimination tournaments the finals should be a best of 5 games (exceptions can be made at the discretion of Ooredoo Nation).

4.   In double elimination tournaments with a best of 5 game series final, the upper bracket finalists will receive an advantage.

5.    In double elimination tournaments with a best of 3 game series final, the upper bracket finalists will not receive an advantage.

6.    At LAN tournaments, due to unavoidable circumstances, Ooredoo Nation and its administrative officials may change match sets and these will be informed on the fly at the event.


Criteria for match reschedules

1.     In LAN tournaments, rescheduling may happen only at the discretion of the Ooredoo Nation Officials or Organizers (depending on tournament conditions, etc) and teams cannot request match reschedules.

2.    In online tournaments, rescheduling will ONLY BE ALLOWED FROM THE QUARTER FINAL MATCHES ONWARDS. No other matches will be rescheduled.

3.    If reschedules are allowed in a specific tournament, these need to be requested at least 48 hours before the match (if it is an online tournament) or at least 3 matches prior to the match (if it is a LAN tournament).

4.   For a reschedule to be confirmed, both teams (the team making the request and the team playing against them) AND Ooredoo Nation officials must agree to the new time. If any party is unable to agree to the new time, the match should be played according to the initially scheduled time. 

Circumstances for automatic reschedule.

1. A match/game may automatically be rescheduled ONLY under the following circumstances:

2. The Game Network (eg: Steam, PUBGM, Blizzard, etc) is offline or unavailable due to a mandatory service breakdown or outage which has been announced officially.

3. The Game Network (eg: Steam, PUBGM, Blizzard, etc) is offline or unavailable due to a sudden service outage which is experienced in the region/country and is notified online (on Reddit, the developer’s social media or discussion forums).

4. At LAN tournaments, an Internet or network connectivity breakdown occurs.

5. Ooredoo Nation officials are unavailable for a match.

6. Other instances not listed here and up to the discretion of Ooredoo Nation Officials.


1.     Dress Code (applicable to LAN tournaments)

1.     All players who take part in LAN tournaments are expected to be present with suitable attire and clothing.

2.    Players are encouraged to wear their team tshirts or jerseys. Players are not allowed to be dressed in any attire with any vulgar or offensive print.

3.    Any kind of face wear and head wear is forbidden.

4.   Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to generate a positive image for eSports in Maldives.

5.    Players who are not in the proper attire may not be allowed to play.

2.    PR, Media Obligations & Publicity (applicable to LAN tournaments)

1.     Players at Ooredoo Nation tournaments must follow any instructions from Tournament Staff for any extra activities such as photoshoots, pre-game and post-game interviews, press conferences, team intros, autograph/photo/video sessions, etc. Players cannot deny these commitments. 

3.    Walkovers

1.     A team reserves the right to award a walkover if they are unable to play or have the full team present for a match ONLY during qualifier rounds or group stage matches (at both online or LAN tournaments).

2.    Any team that reaches the semifinals or finals of a tournament and decides to give a walkover due to whatever reason will be automatically disqualified from the tournament and the next best team will be allowed to play. If the next best team is not present or a team cannot be contacted, the subsequent decision will lie with Ooredoo Nation administration.

3.    If in any case, there are two teams who are deemed suitable the choice will be made by way of a coin toss.

4.   The disqualified team will not receive any prize money of any percentage and the team will not be allowed to take part in a minimum of one Ooredoo Nation and its Strategic Partners’ Ranked Tournament held in the immediate future. This suspension extends to the players of the team that receives this ban.

5.    Ooredoo Nation may at their discretion override these rules depending on the situation at hand.

4.   Indecent Behavior

1.     Swearing or any kind of hostility, racist or any sort of abuse verbal or physical towards another player is prohibited. This includes chat messages in-game, verbal exchanges, etc.

2.    Insults on IRC, IM programs, social media, E-mail or other means of communication will be punished if the evidence is clear and is brought to the attention of the Tournament Staff. Particularly severe abuse cases with radical statements or the threat of physical violence can result in significantly heavier penalties including the disqualification of the player or team from the tournament and/or future tournaments as well.

3.    At LAN tournaments, please mind your language during matches.

4.   At LAN tournaments, players are strictly prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive drugs in the match area. Smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol or using any psychoactive drugs in the match area is strictly prohibited.



All participants are required to uphold the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship.

Insults, Racial Slurs or Harassment

1.     We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any kind of harassment including but not limited to; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes, intimidation, non-consensual photography or recording, stalking, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome physical attention as well as statements or verbal exchanges that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, citizenship, appearance, body size, age, disability, and gender identity.

2.    Depending on the gravity of the offense, significantly heavier penalties including the disqualification of the player or team from the tournament and/or future tournaments as well, may be imposed.

3.    Every participant must show the needed respect towards other participants, the Organizers, Tournament Staff and Casters. The ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY applies to EVERYONE attending both LAN and online events, including but not limited to: Attendees, Press, Staff, Sponsors & Guests.

Compete in a Professional Manner

Players are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct and will be penalized appropriately.

Betting or Gambling

1.     Gambling in any form, including betting on the outcome of games has no place in the world of Esports or even video gaming in general. Ooredoo Nation has a strict policy of any form of gambling being prohibited.

2.    Any detection of the same will lead to severe penalties being imposed on the offenders. This includes match fixing and related offences as well.

3.    No players, team managers, staff, or management of attending organizations may be involved in betting or gambling, associate with betters or gamblers, or provide anyone any information that may assist betting or gambling, either directly or indirectly, for any match in the tournament.

4.   Any player found to be in breach of this rule will face severe penalties including lifetime bans from all Ooredoo Nation and its Strategic Partner Tournaments. Team officials, staff, and management will similarly face the maximum penalties that can be issued.

Match Fixing

Match fixing is defined as the act of arranging the outcome of a match prior to its being played. Match fixing is prohibited, and all individuals involved will face severe penalties.

Cheating Of Any Kind

Any player/team found to be cheating including but not limited to in-game cheats, faking match results, faking match demos, faking or ringing a player, playing with a disallowed player, impersonating a player/clan/organization, will face severe penalties including lifetime bans from all Ooredoo Nation and its Strategic Partners Ranked Tournaments. Specific game rules for cheating may be included in the game rules.

Competition Manipulation

1.     Offering money/benefits, making threats or exerting pressure towards anyone involved with Ooredoo Nation, its partners or sponsors with the goal of influencing a result of a match is considered competition manipulation.

2.    Any player found to be in breach of this rule will face severe penalties including lifetime bans from all Ooredoo Nation and its Strategic Partners’ Tournaments. Team officials, staff, and management will similarly face the maximum penalties that can be issued.

2.  Disruptions due to players

Any player/team who attempts to disrupt matches with any verbal or physical abuse to another participant, a player of another team, a Tournament Staff member, another attendee, press, sponsors, or guest will immediately result in the perpetrator being disqualified from the tournament and banned from all future tournaments. Any other disruptions not listed here will also be dealt with depending on the situation.


General Player Penalties

Violation of the rules or failure to comply with Ooredoo Nation officials may lead to the following penalties. Depending on the severity of the offense, levels of penalties may be skipped.

1.   Warning: After a warning is given during a game it will continue until the game is completed. If three warnings are accumulated, then the team will be disqualified from the tournament upon receiving the third warning.

2.  Game Loss: Game loss given to a team means that the team loses the current game no matter what the result of that game is. A win would be awarded to the opponent instead. In a best of 3/5 games situation, this refers to the game that is being played.

3.  Disqualifications: A team disqualified will be ejected from the tournament. They will not be able to proceed in the bracket.

4. No Show: A team that registers for the tournament and doesn’t show up for a match or pulls out of the tournament will be considered “no show”. This will affect their Ooredoo Nation ranking as this will reduce their points. In the bracket however, the scheduled match would be considered a walkover.

5.  Ban: In extreme circumstances, a team/player might be banned from playing in any single match (disqualified) in the ongoing tournament. Based on the severity of the violation this ban might extend to future Ooredoo Nation and its Strategic partner Gaming tournaments.

Penalties on Player Conduct

Players who are caught swearing or behaving in a hostile manner towards their opponents or staff or spectators will be issued with a warning and suitable penalty (eg: draft penalty in Dota 2, etc) upon their first infraction. Continued infractions will result in the following: forfeiture of a ban upon the second incident and forfeiture of the match upon the third incident.

Penalties on Unprofessional Behavior

Players who are caught throwing a match, halting play without cause or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be issued with a warning and suitable penalty (eg: draft penalty in Dota 2, etc) upon their first infraction. Continued infractions will result in the following: forfeiture of a ban upon the second incident and forfeiture of the match upon the third incident.


Based on the violation or failure to comply the following line of communication will be undertaken to inform of any relevant penalty.

– Firstly, inform the Player/s in question

– Secondly, inform the Team Captain

– Lastly, inform the Clan Leader (if it applies)

In case the Player or Team Captain wishes to dispute or challenge the decision they are free to do so and follow the steps set out in the clause below.


1.     Any match result or outcome in an online tournament is open for disputes and any player or team is requested to email us on [email protected] to submit their submissions.

2.    Submitting a dispute will not guarantee action but will merely draw the attention of the Ooredoo Nation Administration towards the match and particulars submitted.

3.    Disputes submitted will be treated with confidentiality and details of who reported what match, etc will not be publicly disclosed. Disputes submitted will be received by the Ooredoo Nation Administration, after which the necessary particulars will be passed onto the relevant Tournament Staff.

4.   Disputes on a match need to be done within 18 hours of match completion. Submissions sent thereafter will be ignored and not considered.

5.    Disputes at LAN tournaments must be first made to the Ooredoo Nation: Gamers’ Land Tournament Staff and thereafter they will escalate or decide as necessary.


Ooredoo Nation reserves the right to use the name, tag, likeness, video, game play statistics, and/or gaming account ID of any player, for publicity purposes prior to, during, or after the tournament/event end date, in any media, throughout the world, in perpetuity, for any purpose including but not limited to, advertising, marketing and promoting the tournament/event and future tournaments. 

By entering the premises or venue of a Ooredoo Nation event is being hosted on, all spectators automatically consent to being photographed or filmed and herewith grant Ooredoo Nation the permission to use and/or broadcast these digital images. Ooredoo Nation may use these digital images for promotional and/or commercial purposes. In addition, these images may be used by commercial and/or (media) partners. 


Ooredoo Nation reserves the right to ignore or overrule any of the above-mentioned rules to make the competition as fair as possible. Teams and participants acknowledge the right for Ooredoo Nation to modify the rules and regulations as and when needed. Such modifications need not necessarily be publicly announced during the progress of a tournament.


The content of protests, discussions or any other correspondence with Ooredoo Nation Gaming referees, officials and administrators are deemed strictly confidential. The publication of such material is prohibited without a written consent from Gaming administration.


If any rules or procedures conflict with local laws, they will be adjusted to be aligned with the laws in a way to stay as close as possible to the originally intended effect.


The Organizers, Gaming Staff, Referees, Sponsors and Partners will not be responsible for:

– Any late, lost, or distorted registrations

– Any loss of hardware peripherals, personal belongings (including but not limited to mobile telephones, laptops, hard disks, pen drives) and/or liveware

– Telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or other computer- or communications-related malfunctions or failures

– Any contest disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the Organizer’s/E2S Gaming’s control

Ooredoo Nation administration reserves the right to deny entry to any event to anyone who violates the event rules.



This page contains the game-specific rules for E2S and Ooredoo Nation Gaming PUBGM tournaments. These rules must be followed in conjunction with the General Competitive Ooredoo Nation Gaming Tournaments.


1.     By submitting a registration for a Ooredoo Nation PUBGM tournament, all players acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules set herein and especially with the decisions made by the Gaming Staff.

2.    All competitors are expected to know and understand all the rules described here. Not knowing that a rule existed or that it was in place will not be considered as an acceptable reason for breaking said rule.

3.    Matches will be played on the mobile platform only. Emulators will not be allowed.

4.   Players are allowed to bring their own peripherals including headsets, battery packs, etc. 


1.     Players must only compete on an eligible device and may not use an external device or attachment of any kind that modifies the game’s controls (e.g., Bluetooth controllers, wired controllers, mouse, keyboard etc.) without the express consent of the Gaming Staff.

2.    Players must use their own mobile devices (Android/IOS). Tablets and other similar devices or emulators are forbidden.


All player accounts should be at least level 30, any new PUBG accounts will not be allowed.


1.     The tournament will be held on Custom Rooms.

2.    Teams will be divided into groups depending on the number of registered teams.

3.    The final lobby should only have 16 teams and these teams need to be selected equally from all the groups.


1.     Players are expected to be present at the exact times for their matches as announced.

2.    After groups are made, new players will not be added into any group.

3.    Ooredoo Nation and any Organizers will make every effort to inform players of scheduled match dates and times – but please note it is the responsibility of the players to make sure they arrive on time for their matches. Ooredoo Nation and its partners will not be responsible for informing matches to players individually or provide reminders. Not attending a match due to not being informed of the schedule is NOT an excuse.


Game Format

All players need to enter the PUBG Custom ID and Password to join the lobby. The custom lobby settings will be as below.

Map Pool & Match Format

1.    Map Pool : Erangel, Miramar & Sanhok

2.    For all qualifying rounds (until the grand finals), each group will play all maps in the map pool.

3.    For the finals, the final group of 16 teams has to play 16 maps.

Matchmaking Settings

The following matchmaking settings apply:

– For Erangel & Miramar PC version match parameters will be used
– Playzone Shrink Speed: x1
– Sound Visualization and Aim Assist: DISABLED
– Safe Zone 1 display time: 80 sec
– Red Zone: DISABLED
– Flare Gun: DISABLED
– Show Skeleton on Death: DISABLED
– Vague Information: ENABLED
– All Weapons spawn rate: x2
– Scope & Magazine attachment spawn rate: x2
– Additional settings for Sanhok:
– Safe Zone 1 display time: 60 sec

* changing between TPP & FPP in the game is allowed


Scoring will be for each game (i.e. in a best of 3 games, all 3 games will be scored) and be based on each team’s final kill count and in-game placement as set forth below

1 kill = 1 point

Ties between two teams will be determined in the order of

(a) Total times they won first placement or chicken dinner across tournament games,
(b) Total placement points,
(c) Total kills
(e) The placement points in the most recent match will be considered


Use of restricted items during a game

Straight disqualification will be given if you are caught using an item from the banned list and the win will be automatically given to the opponent.

Abuses & Exploitation

Exploiting game or map bugs/glitches/flaws (“exploits”) for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited. Exploits that are not specifically named here are still prohibited but will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Ooredoo Nation Officials reserve the right to decide what will be deemed as an exploit or abuse.


Hacking or otherwise modifying the intended behavior of the game client is prohibited.


The use of scripts is prohibited.

Use of Macros

The use of macros is prohibited.

Use of Third-Party Software

The use of any third-party addons, hooks, programs or wrappers that interact with or alter the client, its appearance or behaviour for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited.


Impersonating an eligible player by attempting to alias as them, using their account or by any other method is prohibited and will result in the aliasing player and the player they are aliasing being removed from the tournament.

In-game names

Each player must have his/her primary nickname or something very similar as his game name during all matches to be easily identifiable for referees, broadcasters, and viewers. What counts as similar is for the Tournament Staff to decide. The only additional information allowed in a players in game name is clan tags or sponsor names.



1.     Collusion, match fixing, bribing a referee or match official, or any other action or agreement to intentionally influence (or attempt to influence) the outcome of any match or Event.

2.    Other forms of collusion include:


-Teaming: Players working together during the match

-Planned Movement: Agreement between 2 or more opposing players to move through the map in a planned way before the match begins.

-Communication: Sending or receiving signals (both verbal and non-verbal) to communicate with opposing players.

-Item Dumping: Intentionally dropping items for an opposing player to collect.





There will be no pauses in the game.



Players who disconnect during a match will be able to reconnect to the game. However, the game will continue during the period.


Technical issues

At LAN tournaments, players should raise their hand and immediately contact Tournament Staff in the event of a Technical Issue. Staff will then assist to rectify the situation and the necessary action. Failure to report issues in a timely manner may cause the issue to be disregarded by the Tournament Staff. At online tournaments, technical issues will not be considered.








- Game Type: Classic Match

- Teams: Clubs Only.


Gameplay settings

- Preset: Competitive

- Half length: 5 min

- Difficulty Level: Legendary

- Competitor Mode: On

- Attributes: Default

- Game Speed: Default

- Match Condition: Custom

- Season: Summer

- Dynamic Time of Day: 10:00 PM

- Weather: Clear

- Pitch Type: Default

- Ball: Default


Camera Settings

- Multiplayer Camera: Tele

- Custom Camera Settings: Custom, Height: 20, Zoom: 0

- Far Side Focus: 10

- Ball Tracking Speed: 0

- Penalty Area Zoom: 0

- Power Shot Zoom: OFF



- HUD: Player Name & Indicator

- Player Indicator: Player Name

Playstyle+ Overhead Indicators: Off

Hold to skip: Off.

- Scrolling Line Ups: Off

- Hyper Motion Insight Overlays: Off



- No custom formations

- No 3 or 5 at the back formations are allowed [In compliance to FC24 official competitive rules]


Game Rules:

- Injuries: Off

- Offside: On

- Bookings: On

- Handball: Off

- Referee Strictness: Default


In Game Format:

- Extra time and Penalties:

Group stage = NO

Knockout matches = YES


Tournament format:


1.         Knockouts until top 16 athletes and then Group stage with 4 athletes per group. Group A, B, C, D. Top 4 will move forward to final knockouts.

2.        If there is a scored 5 goal difference, the leading athlete with 5 goals will win the match instantly on scoring the 5th difference goal.

3.        Best of 3 matches throughout the tournament.

4.        Knockout Rounds(Best of 3, 5min per half, extra time and penalties on) Group Stage(Best of 1,5min per half, no extra time or penalty) Final Knockouts(Best of 3, 6min per half, extra time and penalty)

5.        Goals for the tournament's top scorer will start from the group stage onwards.


FC24 Match Rules


1. For the need of Change of Formation, Substitutes, throw-in, goal kick, corner kick and serious injuries; can only be done while the ball is out of the field.

2. E2S will provide a tournament controller with AS IS condition. E2S will not be responsible for any malfunction of any provided controllers. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own game controllers to ensure best practice. Athletes must take care of their personal belongings including their controllers, E2S will not take any responsibility in the case of an athlete’s missing, misplaced, or broken items (controllers, etc.).

3. Before a match start, a coin toss will be held to determine player 1 & 2 (optional)

4. Arriving late (5 minutes) for a scheduled match may result in a forfeit at the discretion of the MESA/E2S Official.

5. If any player commits any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the MESA/E2S official, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss or be disqualified from the tournament and ban from entering mesa tournaments.




The following actions will be considered unfair play:


a) Delaying the match by passing the ball at its own half.

b) The use of any cheat program

c) The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings

d) Match fixing or clearly allowing one’s opponent to win a match

e) Unsportsmanlike behavior or, in general, disruptive (e.g., use of abusive/foul language), inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions (e.g. provocation) directed towards another player (inside & outside the game)

6.        6. If any player(s) want to withdraw from the tournament with whatsoever reason at any stage:-

a) No slot(s) transfer or substitute with another player is allowed

b) Their opponent will be given a win with a 0-3 score


The following actions will be considered unfair play:


1.   a) Delaying the match by passing the ball at the own half.

2.  b) The use of any cheat program

3.  c) The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings

4. d) Match fixing or clearly allowing one’s opponent to win a match

5.  e) Unsportsmanlike behavior or, in general, disruptive (e.g. use of abusive/foul language), inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions (e.g. provocation) directed towards another player (inside & outside the game)

6.  6. If any player(s) want to withdraw from the tournament with whatsoever reason at any stage:-

7.  a) No slot(s) transfer or substitute with other player is allowed

8. b) Their opponent will be given a win with a 0-3 score




Tekken Game Settings

1.   Rounds: Best out of three(Group stage), Best out of five(knockout finals)

2.  Timer: 60 seconds

3.  Stage Select: Random

4. Character Customizations: Off

5.  DLC Characters are allowed.

6.  Unique move sets given from character customization and items are not allowed. 


Match Procedure & General Rules


The following steps outline the process of playing a Match.

1.   Players select their sides.

2.  Players select their characters. Either Player may invoke Double Blind Character Selection

3.  Players play the first Game of the Match.

4. The losing Player of the preceding Match may choose to change characters.

5.  Players go to Stage Select and select Random.

6.  The next Game is played.

7.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete.

8. Side Selection

9.  Players may mutually agree who sits on the left and right side, corresponding to Player 1 and Player 2 respectively. If Players cannot agree, they will play Rock Paper-Scissors (or toss of coin) to determine who picks their side.


·      Controller Rules


All standard arcade sticks and controllers are permitted. Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) and wireless controllers other than DualShock 4 are not permitted.




Controller issues: (Pausing, Turbo, Hardware Binds, & more)


Pausing a tournament match can cost you a Round. If a match pauses during play immediately get your bracket judge. The player whose controller paused the game will receive a Round loss. If a player pauses during the final playable round of a Game the pausing player will receive a Game loss. You may lose a Set from a pause created Game loss. If the game pause is due to a legitimate hardware malfunction you will be allowed to get another controller and restart.


Match Obligations and Punctuality


All Players must be present five (5) minutes before the Match start time. Players that are not available or ready to play within five (5) minutes of the Match start time are subject to Match forfeiture.



Players may not voluntarily forfeit a Match without prior authorization from the MESA Official and, even with authorization, are subject to further penalties for forfeiting.


·      Match Disruptions (Pauses, restarts, stalling)




If a Player either intentionally or accidentally pauses the Game by either pressing the start button or unplugging his or his opponent’s controller, the Player who paused forfeits the current Round.




Tournament Organizers may order a Game or Match restart due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a Player’s ability to play or a Game or Match is unable to finish.




Stalling, or excessively delaying the Game or Match, may result in a Game or Match forfeit at the discretion of Tournament Organizers.




Any cheating, as determined by the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion, will result in an immediate forfeiture and additional penalties depending on the severity of the infraction.



·      Penalties


Players who break the rules stated here are subject to penalties including (but not limited to) the following:


Match Restart

Loss of Game

Match Forfeiture

Removal from the League

Temporary Player Bans

Permanent Player Bans


Any penalties imposed on a Player may be made available to the public by the Ooredoo Nation in their sole discretion.


GT7 Tournament Rules and Settings

Tournament Settings and Details

Depending on the total number of participants, selected players will undergo a Lap Run Test. 

In this test, participants will be evaluated using a predefined car and track combination, along with specific game settings. Here are the details for the Lap Run Test:


Track: Alsace Village

Car: Nissan GTR GR3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Assist Settings: Intermediate

Restrictions Settings: Strict

Tuning: No restrictions

Weather Setting: Sunny

Number of laps: 2


After the Lap Run Test, the top 32 participants with the best performance will qualify for the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, the weather setting will remain constant, with S01 Dry, Cloudless, and Pleasant conditions. 

This will provide participants with clear blue skies and excellent visibility. Other tournament settings include:

Race Settings:

Start Type: Grid Start

Visible Damage: On

Nitro system usage in multiplayer: Default


To ensure a fair and competitive environment for all players, most settings are unrestricted, allowing for maximum customization. 

However, engine swaps are prohibited, and kart usage is disabled.

Additionally, certain driving options and penalties are enforced:


Driving Options Limitations:

Drive Line Assist feature: Disabled

Auto Drive feature: Disabled

Penalty Settings:

Shortcut Penalty: Strong

Pit Lane Line Cutting Penalty: On

Car Collision Penalty: Enabled

These settings are in place to maintain fairness and integrity throughout the tournament.

Track & Lap Details

In the GT7 Racing Simulation Tournament, racetracks will be chosen randomly from a selection of six pre-determined tracks. 

These tracks include Suzuka, Nurburgring-gp, Lago-maggiore-full, Kyoto-yamagiwa-miyabi, Alsace Village, and Dragon-trail-seaside.


Furthermore, cars will be categorized into GR.1 to GR.3 classes.

Tournament Structure

The GT7 Racing Simulation Tournament is structured into five stages, not including the Test Run qualifying stage.

First Stage: This stage consists of 16 races, each with 4-6 laps, intermediate difficulty, and no assists. It involves 32 participants and is expected to conclude in approximately four hours.

Second Stage: With 16 participants and 8 races, the second stage features similar race settings as the first stage. This stage is estimated to last about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Quarter Finals: This stage introduces higher difficulty settings with 6-8 laps per race. It involves 8 participants and is anticipated to wrap up in one hour.

Semi-finals: Comprising four participants and 5 laps per race, the semi-finals consist of 2 races and are expected to conclude in approximately 40 minutes.

Finals: The finals feature two participants competing head-to-head in races lasting 10-15 laps on a randomly selected track. This stage is estimated to take 30 minutes.

Rules & Guidelines

·      Participants are not allowed to alter any game settings presented by the vendor during the tournament.

·      Additionally, it is crucial for registered participants to be present at Game Fest near the Dragon Zone stall at the start of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

·      Throughout the Racing Simulation Tournament and other Game Fest activities, all participants and players are expected to adhere to a proper code of conduct, promoting fair play and showing respect to fellow players.

·      For further information or clarification, interested participants can contact OoredooNationmv social media handles.

Cosplay General Rules

Costume Rules

·      No costumes that are too revealing. An amount of coverage of your average swimwear is fine. If you are wearing a delicate costume, we advise you to take the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t expose yourself.

·      If you are wearing a large costume or one with poor visibility, you must ensure you always have one handler with you as a guide.

·      Large, bulky, or fur-lined suits must ensure they are properly ventilated.

·      Make sure there are no sharp edges on your costume.

·      No offensive cosplays( if you feel your cosplay may be offensive then please message us beforehand and we will deem it acceptable or not)

·      Absolutely no blackfacing

Prop & Weapon Rules


·      Non-realistic weapons

Replica firearms with an orange tip. The tip must be visible from a distance.

Plastic/wood/foam weapons

NOT Permitted

·      Firearms or realistic replica firearms

·      Functional bows or crossbows

·      Darts

·      Slingshots

·      Pyrotechnics/explosives

·      Sharp arrows

·      Wooden/metal bats

·      Laser pointers

·      Paddles

·      Props over 180cm





Show guideline.

·      Each participant will be given runway time to walk around and make 3 postures at the end of the runway.

Judging guideline

·      Costume

·      Makeup

·      Similarity and familiarity with the special character

·      Posing and display

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