Riot Games Brings Big Changes to Jungle in League of Legends

Riot Games, known for developing and publishing League of Legends (among other games and media), is bringing big changes to the game for its 2024 season.

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Riot tends to bring big changes in the preseason. This year, their focus is aimed at the jungle in LoL and its monsters.

So, let’s take a look at what’s in store for players.

Baron Changes


The Baron enemy is getting some reworks, starting with his look. He is getting a makeover to make him more like what we saw during the Season 14 trailer during the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. The new look has a more eldritch horror vibe.

Baron is also getting a new pit that will be able to change. He will have two new variations that he can transform into in 20 minutes. That said, the Baron buff won’t change. The only thing it will affect is the pit and how it will look. There are also no plans for the elemental rift system to have an effect on the Baron pit.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the variants and what they bring to the table:

●      Hunting Baron (Base Pit)

●      Territorial Baron (Wall Pit)

●      All-Seeing Baron (Tunnel Pit)

Rift Herald Changes


We are also getting some major adjustments to the Rift Herald.

Right now, there are two of them which we refer to as “Shelly” and “Shirley”. However, in 2024, the first Rift Herald is getting removed from the game. It will then be replaced by a new jungle monster.

The Rift Herald will spawn at 14 minutes for the first time. There will be some new use cases for it. Players can now jump on Shelly and take her for a ride.

Similar to the sleigh from Nexus Blitz, you can use this new Rift Herald to knock down towers. However, be careful of enemies that can block her charge despite taking damage and being airborne. 

Void Grubs


The next topic to discuss is Void Grubs. Riot will be adding these into the game as a brand-new objective.

There will be three Void Grubs that spawn together at the 5-minute mark. Each Voidspawn will have a respawn timer of 4 minutes after it is taken down.

When players kill the total of six Void Grubs that spawn, they will get small buffs to take down structures. Getting all 6 Void Grubs will also spawn small Void Mites to help take down towers.

New Camps

In addition to new monsters, we will also be getting some major changes to other camps in the game. The goal is to add more game variance and to make stealing buffs more fun.

The Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback, and Rift Scuttlers will be getting new powers related to the Void. Starting at 20 minutes, the Void will consume some of the camps and will turn them into Voidborn Sentinel, Voidborn Brambleback, and Voidborn Rift Scuttler.

With these harder objectives come greater rewards.

New Update, When?

After reading about all this, you are no doubt eager to check all of it out in game. Luckily, there’s good news on that front.

These changes are stated to go live with the season of the next League of Legends season with LoL Patch 14.1. The patch will drop on January 9, 2024. That said, you can still test them out in the PBE server now.

With these changes kicking off the 2024 season of League, it’s hitting the ground running. We are very excited to see what else the new season brings.

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