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Games Club Daily
Play Games for 24 hours. Auto-renewed
Games Club Weekly
Play Games for 7 days Auto-renewed
MVR 10
Games Club Monthly
Play Games for 30 days Auto-renewed
MVR 20
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  1. How to subscribe to play

    1. Click on the subscription card and visit the Games Club Portal
    2. Verification:

      1. For Mobile data users, your number will be picked up by the network and verified automatically and you can subscribe to any subscription seamlessly.
      2. For Wi-Fi users, you will need to enter OTP to verify your mobile number and then activate a subscription.
    3. Once subscribed, you can play all day until you unsubscribe.
  2. How do I unsubscribe from the service

    1. Visit “My Account” section to check your subscription.
    2. Click on the unsubscribe button.

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