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Ooredoo has launched special data packs for local gamers!

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When it comes to gaming, a lot of us are into playing games on our phones. Games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Roblox, and Mobile Legends are super popular among gamers in the Maldives.

These packages are all about giving gamers exactly what they need for the most popular games everyone's playing right now. Mobile gaming just became more fun and accessible for local players.

Gamer Packs

Gamer Packs offer a diverse selection of mobile games across various genres that are currently making waves within the Maldivian mobile gaming communities. 

To ensure gamers enjoy their favorite games to the fullest, these packs utilize Ooredoo's mobile network to provide specialized gaming data packages tailored to each player's preferred game.

The gamer data packages encompass popular titles such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and Roblox. 

Players can select the gamer data pack that suits their gaming habits, offering flexibility through two categories: Weekly and Monthly data packages. 

This flexibility caters to gamers' varying usage patterns, allowing them to choose according to how frequently they indulge in these games.

Weekly Gamer Packs

The Weekly gamer packs last for seven days from activation. This means that once you activate them, they're good to go for a full week. 

These packs are set at a 1GB limit, allowing you to enjoy games like PUBG 50, Call of Duty Weekly, Roblox Weekly, and Garena Free Fire Weekly until you hit that 1GB data cap.

The beauty of this 1GB data is that it's exclusively reserved for these games. So, no need to stress about other apps gobbling up your gaming data.

Each Weekly gamer pack is priced at MVR25, except PUBG weekly pack which is priced at MVR50. For instance, if you're all about Mobile Legends and want to activate the Weekly Gamer pack, MVR25 will either be added to your bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.

Monthly Gamer Packs

The Monthly gamer packs come with a generous validity of 30 days from activation. When you opt for a monthly gamer pack, you're in for a treat with 2GB of dedicated gaming data reserved for your favorite mobile game.

But wait, there's something extraordinary for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! In the Monthly Gamer pack, there's a special edition solely designed for PUBG Mobile lovers, offering a whopping 50GB of dedicated data for the game priced at MVR350. With this package, players can dive into the battlegrounds and chase Chicken Dinners without worrying about reaching any data limits anytime soon!

For those of you who may be undecided about purchasing the PUBG 50GB pack, there are alternative options available. For a cost of MVR100, you can acquire up to 2GB of specifically dedicated in-game PUBG data, which remains valid for a duration of 30 days upon activation.

To activate the Monthly Gamer packs, you can use the same links provided for the Weekly Gamer packs. Either hop onto the Ooredoo mobile app at or visit the Ooredoo Nation website at to select your desired gaming pack.

The Monthly Gamer packs are priced at MVR100. For prepaid players, the amount will be deducted from their mobile balance, while postpaid players will see the amount added to their monthly billing cycle.

The Ooredoo Gamer Packs are a mobile gamer’s best friend. They are designed with the most popular games beloved by the local gaming community in mind. The goal is to make it as easy to access and as affordable as possible.

To get your hands on these gaming data packages, you can easily subscribe through the Ooredoo mobile app or visit the Ooredoo Nation website. From there, you can pick the gamer pack that suits your gaming style.

See you in the game!

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