Get Hyped for Game Fest Racing Simulation Tournament!

Introducing the Ooredoo Nation Tournament: Gran Turismo 7 Racing Simulator Championships, brought to you by Dragon Zone!

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In this article, we will be going into the tournament's specifics. We will be covering everything from game settings and prizes to qualification requirements. 

So, let’s jump right in!

How to Register

Registration for the tournament is completely free! 

To sign up, interested participants should follow this link: and select 'GT7 Simulation' from the dropdown tournament options. 

To complete registration, players need to provide the following details for verification:

Full Name 

National ID 

Card Number 

Contact Number 

Email Address. 

Once registration is successful, players will receive a confirmation email.

Mark your calendars, as the tournament is scheduled to take place during Gamers’ Land - Gaming Festival, running from October 19 to October 21, 2023.


In the GT7 Simulation tournament, the winner will walk away with an impressive prize of MVR 11,000!

Second place is awarded MVR 8,000, and third place takes home MVR 6,000!

Tournament Settings and Details

Depending on the total number of participants, selected players will undergo a Lap Run Test. 

In this test, participants will be evaluated using a predefined car and track combination, along with specific game settings. Here are the details for the Lap Run Test:


Alsace Village


Nissan GTR GR3



Assist Settings:


Restrictions Settings:



No restrictions

Weather Setting:


Number of laps:


After the Lap Run Test, the top 32 participants with the best performance will qualify for the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, the weather setting will remain constant, with S01 Dry, Cloudless, and pleasant conditions. 

This will provide participants with clear blue skies and excellent visibility. Other tournament settings include:

Race Settings:

Start Type:

Grid Start

Visible Damage:


Nitro system usage in multiplayer:


To ensure a fair and competitive environment for all players, most settings are unrestricted, allowing for maximum customization. 

However, engine swaps are prohibited, and kart usage is disabled.

Additionally, certain driving options and penalties are enforced:

Driving Options Limitations:

Drive Line Assist feature:


Auto Drive feature:


Penalty Settings:

Shortcut Penalty:


Pit Lane Line Cutting Penalty:


Car Collision Penalty:


These settings are in place to maintain fairness and integrity throughout the tournament.

Track & Lap Details

In the GT7 Racing Simulation Tournament, race tracks will be chosen randomly from a selection of six pre-determined tracks. 

These tracks include Suzuka, Nurburgring-gp, Lago-maggiore-full, Kyoto-yamagiwa-miyabi, Alsace Village, and Dragon-trail-seaside.

Furthermore, cars will be categorized into GR.1 to GR.3 classes.

Tournament Structure

The GT7 Racing Simulation Tournament is structured into five stages, not including the Test Run qualifying stage.

First Stage:

This stage consists of 16 races, each with 4-6 laps, intermediate difficulty, and no assists. It involves 32 participants and is expected to conclude in approximately four hours.

Second Stage:

With 16 participants and 8 races, the second stage features similar race settings as the first stage. This stage is estimated to last about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Quarter Finals:

This stage introduces higher difficulty settings with 6-8 laps per race. It involves 8 participants and is anticipated to wrap up in one hour.


Comprising four participants and 5 laps per race, the semi-finals consist of 2 races and are expected to conclude in approximately 40 minutes.


The finals feature two participants competing head-to-head in races lasting 10-15 laps on a randomly selected track. This stage is estimated to take 30 minutes.

Rules & Guidelines

Participants are not allowed to alter any game settings presented by the vendor during the tournament.

Additionally, it is crucial for registered participants to

be present at Game Fest near the Dragon Zone stall at the start of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Throughout the Racing Simulation Tournament and other Game Fest activities, all participants and players are expected to adhere to

a proper code of conduct, promoting fair play and showing respect to fellow players.

For further information or clarification, interested participants can contact OoredooNationmv social media handles.

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