SuperNet Gamer Pack: Level Up Your Gaming with Massive Data Allowances

Ooredoo Maldives SuperNet Gamer Pack, is the perfect data pack for all passionate gamers out there.

By Hassan Mishal Junaid On

Designed to fuel your gaming adventures, the SuperNet Gamer Pack offers two incredible data options: the MVR50 pack, granting you 50GB of data for 1 day, and the MVR100 pack, giving you 100GB of data for 3 days enabling uninterrupted gaming, streaming, tournaments, updates, and going live.

With the MVR50 pack, you'll have an entire day to immerse yourself in thrilling gaming sessions and enjoy lag-free streaming. Need even more data to conquer the gaming world? The MVR100 pack has got you covered with an impressive 100GB of high-speed data for a full 3 days. No more worries about disconnection while updating your games and software that enhances gaming experience—now you can play, stream, and connect like never before. Whether you're a pro gamer showcasing your skills to a global audience, a casual player eagerly updating your games and software, or a tournament enthusiast seeking victory, our pack provides the firepower you need to excel.

At Ooredoo we're committed to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our customers and gamers are huge part of our customer base. We know how crucial it is for gamers to have seamless connectivity and ample data to power gaming endeavors. With 100% 4G+ coverage across the nation and the expansion of 5G network covering the whole of Greater Male’, Gamers can now enjoy a lag free ultimate gaming experience on Ooredoo network. 

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