Ooredoo Nation Concludes Maldives PUBG Contender Series 2

PUBG Mobile Contender Series 2 is the second tournament in the Road to 100k series of Ooredoo PUBG Mobile Championship that was announced during the launch of Ooredoo Nation – Gamer’s Land platform.

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What is PUBG Mobile Maldives Championship Contender Series?

The Ooredoo PUBG Mobile Championship is the biggest eSports tournament to be held in Maldives with a prize pool of MVR100,000. In order to qualify for this tournament, players must first compete in Road to 100k - PUBG Mobile Contender Series 1, 2, 3 or the Wildcard Event. From each of the Contender Series 3 teams will qualify for the Maldives PUBG Championships and 7 teams from the Wildcard event. A total of 16 teams will contest for the MVR100,000 prize pool in Ooredoo PUBG Mobile Championship.

Season1 Winner Winner Post

Looking Back at Contender Series 2


Contender Series 2 registration was from 12th September to 21st September 2022. A total of 89 teams registered for Series 2 with 534 players, all competing for the MVR15,000 prize pool and to secure a place in the grand 100k tournament on the road to 100k.
The prize pool for Series 2 was divided as follows;

1st Place: MVR10,000

2nd Place: MVR3,000

3rd Place: MVR2,000

Much like Series 1, Contender Series 2 was also divided into a group stage, semi-final stage and a final stage.

Final Standints Contender S1

After a very competitive group stage and a semi-final stage, following 16 teams emerged to compete in the finals;

-         SDMZ eSports

-         RGC Opex

-         E2S Akatsuki

-         E2S OTF

-         Ice Nation

-         BLK Uneven

-         Cyanide eSports

-         Binary eSports

-         AST X

-         EGC Deno Lite

-         KH Dose

-         KH Ragnar

-         KH Lions

-         JRM Zexos

-         2MS eSports

-         E2S Stella

Winners and Conclusion to Series 2

The 16 teams who qualified for the finals competed in the Series Final, which was divided into 2 tournament days.

After two days of intense battles, three teams emerged victorious from the Series 2 securing their spot in the grand 100k tournament.

-         SDMZ eSports

-         RGC Opex

-         E2S Akatsuki

Congratulations to the three winning teams for their good sportsmanship and securing a spot in the Grand Finals!

We would also like to thank all the remaining teams for competing in Series 2. There are two more opportunities for the players to get a place in the grand finals, do not give up yet!


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