PUBG Mobile Data Packs Revamped

PUBG Mobile data packs have been revamped to provide players with more in-game data for more Chicken Dinners!

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What are Gaming Data Packs?

Ooredoo offers data packs, specific to popular online games that helps players enhance their online experience. This way, with the data packs you can enjoy gaming even if your main data balance is low or throttled! It’s pretty great!

Introducing PUBG Mobile Specific Data Packs            

Gear up for the best Battlegrounds experience with Ooredoo PUBG Mobile Gaming plans!
Here are the offers:

This plan offers 1GB gaming data exclusive to PUBG Mobile game for 7 days with a price point of 50 MVR. This is the starter plan, recommended for casual players.

PUBG 100

PUBG100 plan offers 4GB gaming data for PUBG Mobile valid for 30 days with a price of 100MVR. This plan is recommended for players who are more intermediate and serious about winning the Chicken Dinners.


This data pack is for competitive PUBG Mobile players who like playing the game much more frequently, be It together with friends or with other players from around the globe. PUBG350 plan is your go to plan to ensure that you get the best PUBG Mobile experience on our network. This plan offers players 50GB game exclusive data with a validity of 30 days!

How do I activate PUBG Data Packs?

You can easily activate Ooredoo PUBG Mobile data packs from any of the following channels.


-         Dial *929*5# to open up the USSD Menu window on your mobile.

-         Tap in 1. Gaming (Under Ooredoo Lifestyle)

-         The data packs will be visible under the Gaming category

Ooredoo App

-         Open Ooredoo App and tap the ‘Buy Data’ icon

-         From the sub menu select Games category

-         The PUBG Mobile data packs will be visible under the Games category


-         You can SMS to 5555 with the corresponding keyword to activate the PUBG data pack of your choice.

-         Type in ‘PUBG50” to activate the PUBG50 plan

-         Type in “PUBG100” to activate the PUBG100 plan

-         Type in “PUBGunlimited” to activate the PUBG350 pack

Ooredoo Nation Website

The data packs will be visible under ‘Gaming Offers’ on Ooredoo Nation website. You can easily activate the data packs by tapping on the relevant data pack of your choosing and entering in your mobile number and OTP key.

That’s it for our overview of PUBG Data plans, let us know your experience with Ooredoo data packs or PUBG Mobile game in general.

Stay Tuned to Ooredoo Nation website and social media for more updates on latest offers related to gaming!

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